Open Call for participation 
in the project "HIC ET NUNC"
Contemporary Art Fair "PARTE", 2012 


The "Grupo Interno Bruto" - GIB, invites visual artist's to participate in the project "Hinc et Nunc" in order to promote their artistic products. The project will give opportunity to artist's who are not represented by any of the commercial art galleries that will officially attend the "Contemporary Art Fair PARTE – 2012", between Oct. 17-21/2012 and held in the "Paço das Artes", University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.
The project "Hic et Nunc", presents itself as a collective proposal, by which various artists through a machine-type vending machine, will dispose their artwork (commonly found in public places, with high circulation of people, offering the alternative of buying fast products, most comestibles, through a automatic operation mechanism and by insertion of money).
The art works are allocated inside this machine, packed individually in envelopes of same size, color and shape (without any identification of the author or artwork stored). The machine will work as a mediator vehicle, between the public of the Fair, the artworks and the artists. The strategy focuses to provide and sell works of art, to a symbolic value, to art lovers and collectors, through a mechanism where the purchasing power does not prevai – but rather the desire to acquire a work of art. Trough this initiative, those who will wish, can start to collect small artworks.


A- To participate in "Hic et Nunc", visual artists of any nationality and not represented by the art galleries participants of the "Contemporary Art Fair PARTE 2012", will donate their original artwork, which will be available for sale through the vending machine, with a symbolic value of R$ 20 each. This value is determined by the automatic operation of the machine and will be equal for all works without the possibility of negotiation, privileges or exclusion, in order to cover part of the operational costs and organization of the project;

B- Artists interested to participate, must send their art work by mail or courier as "sample without commercial value", properly stored in envelopes or packages, to the following address: Grupo Interno Bruto - Projeto "HIC ET NUNC"- Av. Paulista, 2584 apt. 39 - SÃO PAULO - SP, BRAZIL, 01310-300. All works, arriving no later than Sept. 29th, 2012, will participate.


A- Each artist can submit up to 3 (three) original and signed artworks;

B- Bi or tridimensional works made with any technique are accepted, max. dimensions
15 x 12 x 3cm (6 x 4 x 1") anda max. weight of 350g;

C- Each work must be shipped together with the filled out and signed "Participation Form" which will serve as "authentication document" of each art work;

D- Fragile artworks, should be properly stored in envelopes or boxes, in order to avoid any risk of damage during transportation;

E- Art works of, perishable, iIlegal materiais or that could endanger the functioning of the vending machine, or are dangerous to the public, will not be accepted;
F- The art works must be in good condition;

G- All works arriving on time and meeting the requirements will participate in the project;

H- Works that don't correspond to the previous criteria will not be accepted;

I- The “GIB” will not be responsible for damaged artworks during shipping;

J- No artwork submitted will be returned. The works not acquired during the Fair PARTE - 2012, will stay under the care of the "Grupo Interno Bruto" and will be part of future projects, with same conceptual and operational characteristics.


A- A list of participating artists will be published from Oct.13th, 2012 on the websites
 and on the Facebook Page https:

B- The "Grupo Interno Bruto" reserves the right to not publish names of artists whose works didn't arrived on time, arrived damaged, lost, o r that not corresponded to the requested requirements;

C- Artworks which arrived late will be incorporated into new projects and the artist will be
informed of their participation.


A- All artists participating in the project "Hic et Nunc" automatically authorize the "Grupo
Interno Bruto" for the use and communication in the media, of all images of their work, and names, with the purpose of divulgation and promotion;

B- The participating artist authorizes the sale of his artwork with a symbolic value of R$20
through the mechanism of the vending machine, installed at the "Contemporary Art Fair
PARTE 2012"- São Paulo - SP - Brazil

C- The participant inscribed is aware and accept all dispositions and terms of this call;

D - Any omission, shall be decided by the organization.